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Mural Environments believes that art should be everywhere, not only in galleries and museums. We love creating murals that live in the everyday world, where people can enjoy them. Many of our public projects are painted with the invaluable contribution of students and volunteers from the community.
kids school mural Glendale
Marshall Elementary School Mural, Glendale, CA
outdoor mural
Fresh Air Market, Sacramento, California
boy girl glendale schooldancing lady mural

volunteers dancing lady mural
Student Volunteers at Fresh Air Market

volunteer wall mural
tai chi mural
Tai Chi Mural
  Los Angeles tai chi mural
Tai Chi Mural, Eagle Rock, California
tai chi mural
Tai Chi Mural

  southern california mural  Pacific Palisades

tai chi mural
paining tai chi mural
Volunteer works on Tai Chi Mural